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The Tidal Pool for All Cephalopod Lovers

A place to appreciate the beauty of all cephalopods.

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I'm fairly new to LiveJournal and when I went to look for a community that expressed an appreciation for cephalopods, I found the numbers very limited. So I felt the need the start my own. I would like to create a place where cephalopods can be appreciated both aesthetically *and* scientifically. I would like to encourage people to join who just love looking at cephalopods, or have had them as pets, or have worked with them as research animals as I recently was able to do.

I would at the same time like to discourage other people from posting material unrelated to such discussions- material such as tentacle porn, images of cephalopods being used inhumanely (unless they are used to discuss such treatment), and anything else along those lines. The poster of this material will be informed and the post deleted. Other inappropriate topics and complete rudeness to other community members is also discouraged, and if such behavior is noted multiple times, there is a chance for those posts to be deleted and/or the offending member removed.

In general though, I will try to use my ability to censor the community lightly, and will try to respond in accordance to other members' wishes.

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*Please note that before posting, the term octopi is an incorrect pluralization of the word octopus. If you don't believe me, look here.